Lil’ Red by Brian Main – An Interactive Story

App for Kids This adaptation of the Little Red Riding Hood tale will impress both kids and parents alike with its unique design.

Our Rating: 4/5 stars

App Detail
App Name: Lil’ Red by Brian Main – An Interactive Story
Category: Story/Book App for Kids
Age: 2 – 7
Download Now: iPad Free/$3.99

About Lil’ Red by Brian Main – An Interactive Story

Do your kids have no more interest in reading “old” tales? Tired of those so-called beautiful graphics which is filled with ordinary colorful images? Try Lil’ Red by Brian Main, an interactive storybook app that provides kids with well-crafted illustrations, great music and fun interactive elements.

Why Lil’ Red by Brian Main – An Interactive Story is Likable

The design of the graphics of this Little Red Riding Hood adaptation is very unique and cool; everything is white, gray, or black, only the little girl’s cap and dress, the apples, the butterflies, the flowers, and other lovely little stuff are painted red. I really like the graphics, they’re so beautiful and artistic. Also, kids will find this storybook app delightful, because each page is full of mini surprises and fun animations. And, I want to say that the app developer is not only good at designing graphics, but also knows how to make appropriate sound effects.

This fairy tale adaptation contains no text or narration. Some parents may want an option added, but I think it’s ok to let kids’ imagination fly. Just let your small ones build the story in their minds while having fun with the app, or use this app as a storytelling tool to encourage the bigger ones to open their mouths

So overall, if you’re looking for a charming, fun activity-filled classic tale adaptation which has no text or narration to spark your kids’ imagination, try Lil’ Red by Brian Main.