My Monster Mayhem

App for Kids Monsters are living in the house! A funny, endearing story about a little girl and her imaginary monster baddies.

Our Rating: 4/5 stars

App Detail
App Name: My Monster Mayhem
Category: Story/Book App for Kids
Age: 3 – 8
Download Now: iPad+iPhone $4.99

About My Monster Mayhem

This is a story about a little girl and her imaginary monster enemies: It’s not easy to explain to mom some disruptive monsters are everywhere in the house trying to mess everything up. She doesn’t know the monsters like to splash water on the floor, not me, the monsters also make me leave the lights on and stop me from finishing the food. And she doesn’t even know I’m fighting against those annoying creatures secretly and cleverly…

Why My Monster Mayhem is Likable

Some very small kids may be too young to get the idea of the story, but I believe this tale can delight kids of all ages, and I’m sure parents will give this tittle a big smile, or be surprised how wonderful children’s imagination is.

This monster story is fun and funny, and as an interactive storybook app, My Monster Mayhem allows little ones to collect toy monsters hidden in the book to unlock a bonus jigsaw game. And of course, kids can interact with different monsters while enjoying the whimsical story. Also, little readers can read the story themselves, or choose an adult or child narrator to read the story instead, and both of the narrations are well done with the word highlighting feature.

Although I think each page of the book needs more interactive surprises, I have to say that the animations are beautifully done and it’s fun to interact with the monsters. And my kids loved the “hidden item” game very much; they didn’t know they would win a bonus game but really enjoyed discovering the hidden toy monsters on every page!

So all in all, My Monster Mayhem is a very likable monster-themed storybook app, give it a go.

UPDATE: I read the story again and I think I really love it. Wonderful story!

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