Little Dead Riding Hood by itbook

App for Kids When little red riding hood dies and then turns into a little dead riding hood, a brand-new tale begins, with “supernatural animations and interactions that will kill you.”

App Name: Little Dead Riding Hood by itbook
Category: Story/Book App for Kids
Price: $2.99 (actual price may vary)
Download Now: iPad

Our Review of Little Dead Riding Hood by itbook

Ok, this app was actually downloaded by one of my nephews, who is now a teenager, using my Apple account. However, I think I like the app he bought :) Yeah, why not? Sometimes it’s really interesting for not only kids but also grwon-ups to read new, modern adaptations of classic tales, especially those with cool elements added.

This old story is retold in a thrilling yet acceptable and surprising way for bigger kids who are interested in such stuff and style, with great interactions and professinal sound effects and music. However, what really impressed me is the exceptional graphics, which are incredibly done!

I recommend this app to bigger kids who like wacky things like zombies, as well as adult fans looking for a not-that-plain little red riding hood. And I think this app would also be a fantastic digital treat for Halloween.

By the way, you should leave this app alone if your kids are sensitive or too small – that’s why I gave it 4 stars, although I really enjoyed it.

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