Lucy Ladybird [with Interview]

App for Kids An enchanting interactive storybook app about acceptance, with fascinating illustrations! [PLUS Interview with author Sharon King-Chai]

App Name: Lucy Ladybird
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Lucy Ladybird by Sharon Chai

What a gorgeous interactive children’s storybook app filled with fun, surpeises and educational value! The Lucy Ladybird app tells the story of a ladybird named Lucy who has no spots. As she goes on a journey through the seasons, she meets some kind animal friends who have different spots, and with their help, readers get a happy, heartwarming ending. Besides the chance to help young readers learn about seasons and colors, I appreciate the moral this story has: friendship, sharing, and accepting, telling kids that being different is no bad thing! Kids get two reading modes to enjoy the story: Read to me and Read by myself, and while reading the story, the little ones will find some well-designed, pertinent interactive elements on every page, with cute sound effects. Moreover, kids can find some digital coloring pages and a karaoke section to sing the Lucy Ladybird song within the app. Lastly, I want to say that I was impressed by the charming collage-style illustrations, taking this children’s story book to a whole new level. My kids and I REALLY enjoyed the book, and I highly recommend you check this eye candy on the App Store! P.S. This app also has an in-story game, which would engage your kids :) 

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Interview with author Sharon King-Chai

Please note: we have no paid affiliation with this developer/author.

– Please tell us about yourself Sharon?
I’m a designer, illustrator from Sydney Australia. I work at Macmillan as senior designer in children’s picture books and have just had my first book – Lucy Ladybird published. I also do freelance work (

– What inspired you to write this book?
I’ve always wanted to create a children’s picture book, and one sleepless night had an idea about a ladybird with no spots– Lucy Ladybird was born.

– There’s a picture book available, right? And why did you decide to add a digital version to it?
I love physical picture books and nothing will ever replace them. But I know technology is always evolving and I see the digital version as an opportunity to do something different, and create an experience in its own right. I think its important to explore different mediums and utilise their qualities to our advantage.

– What is your favorite feature of this book app?
Karaoke! I love seeing kids and their parents sing the song together.

– And your favorite page/illustration is…?
The last spread- it really is a BIG surprise.

– What age group would you recommend it to?
The main group would be 2-6 years, but I know of 1 year old babies playing with it and they enjoy interacting with the app, making flowers grow, moving spots etc… They all appreciate it on a different level- whether its enjoying the story or the thrill of interacting with it. And adults have also said how much they enjoy it too. There’s lots of small details and layers for everyone to discover.

Thank you very much for talking with us today, Sharon! We are looking forward to reading more books from you! The Lucy Ladybird app is developed by app developer Iain Clark, which is currently available for the iPad only.