Blue Bernard

App for Kids A carefully-designed interactive storybook app about differences, perfect for special needs kids.

App Name: Blue Bernard – Interactive storybook. A story about differences, colors and new people
Category: Story/Book Apps for Kids
Price: $2.99 (actual price may vary)
Download Now: iPad+iPhone

Blue Bernard – Interactive storybook. A story about differences, colors and new people by Square Igloo

Following the success of the debut, Zoe’s Green Planet, the Blue Bernard app is the second release in the Colorful World series of storybook apps, by Nathalie Tousnakhoff, Matthieu Roussel, and Square Igloo. It tells the story about a boy named Bernard. Bernard is a little blue boy but lives in a pink planet. Yep, he looks so different in this place where almost everything is pink. The poor boy tries his best to make himself a pink boy: he steals pink people’s pink clothes (the innocent boy doesn’t realize that’s not right at all,) he even tries to dye his hair pink using the pink paint… Luckily, Bernard comes across Zoe, a green girl who helps him accept his differences and makes him come out of his shell.

Kids will be encouraged to interact with the story when listening to the narration, such as tap the house to make tunes, help Bernard close his eyes when he tries to pour the pink paint onto his head, etc. This app allows readers to enable or disable the text and/or narration, and there are five well-made educational games in the app to entertain your little ones as well: your kids can go fishing, dress Bernard up, make a landscape, assemble a spacecraft, and solve the maze puzzle.

The graphics look amazing and I especially like the paper mache style this book app has. And of course, I appreciate the story which conveys a positive message about self-esteem and self-acceptance and that’s why this book is read-worthy for young kids, especially the special needs kids and the school students. I would give this storybook app 5 stars if Bernard didn’t steal clothes in the story. It’s a charming storybook app for kids, however. 

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