The Apollo Story – Sky at Night Magazine

App for Kids An education/book app to help kids and students learn almost everything about the Apollo spacecraft.

App Name: The Apollo Story – Sky at Night Magazine
Category: Story/Book Apps for Kids
Price: $6.99 (actual price may vary)
Download Now: iPad

The Apollo Story – Sky at Night Magazine by Immediate Media Company Limited

Published by Immediate Media Company, a award-winning special interest content and platform company combining the former assets of Origin Publishing, Magicalia and BBC Magazines, The Apollo Story app is an interactive education/book app to help kids learn almost everything about Apollo, with text, pictures, audio recordings, videos and other documents. This app will provide kids and astronomy lovers with “the complete story of the greatest journey in human history,” with “expert analysis of each of the Apollo missions, sensational photography of all the astronauts, their missions, their triumphs and trials, the team back at Houston, and all the key facts, figures and statistics.”

In Case You Want to see all screenshots and full description

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