BBC Wildlife Bumper Book of Answers

App for Kids An educational/book app for inquisitive kids, packed with tons of interesting and OMG quizzes, facts and stories about wildlife around the world.

App Name: BBC Wildlife Bumper Book of Answers
Category: Entertainment Apps for Kids
Price: $6.99 (actual price may vary)
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BBC Wildlife Bumper Book of Answers by Immediate Media Company Limited

Designed by the staff at BBC Wildlife Magazine, the BBC Wildlife Bumper Book of Answers app is a fantastic educational book app for kids and science lovers to explore the wildlife world, with hundreds of questions answered by the experts. While reading, kids can learn interesting facts about the animals and insects and weird-yet-true stories – for example, the “fish” which can swim in sand is actually a species of skink, namely snadfish aka scincus scincus – complete with stunning real-life pictures. This app is easy to navigate and filled with a bunch of easy-to-understand informative content that will engage readers of any age! I’m sure kids (especially those who like bugs) would find this app attractive. And of course, this book app is also great for the whole family to read and learn together!

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