Yummiloo Rainbow Power

App for Kids A yummy food-filled wonderland where kids will be glad to help the super adorable characters the Yum Yums power up their Rainbow Machine to start a food carnival.

App Name: Yummiloo Rainbow Power
Category: Educational Game App for Kids
Price: $1.99 (actual price may vary)
Download Now: iPad+iPhone

Our Review of Yummiloo Rainbow Power

Yummiloo Rainbow Power is an engaging educational game app with bright, cute graphics and charming music and sound effects. Kids need to help the Yum Yums, the fruit-like game characters who are beautifully illustrated, pick the fruits and vegetables with different colors, putting them into the corresponding colored carts. The foods which have been picked are used to fuel the Rainbow Machine, and when the Rainbow Machine is filled with enough food energy, a glorious carnival will begin, which is a reward video full of yummy foods and happy Yum Yums.

This beautiful app offers 2 play modes, Tap Play Mode and Drag Play Mode, which are both great for kids to practice fine motor skills while the game helps reinforce their color recognition. And of course, kids will also learn the names of the fruits and vegetables appearing in the app as each item picked is verbally identified.

There’s also an in-game activity that requires players to quickly feed a hungry Yum Yum, which would be fun for small kids. However, as a parent, I do not like this in-game activity at all because this activity takes place in the process of the primary game – picking the foods, namely the color recognition game, and kids have to finish this supposed fun feeding activity before going back to complete the foods picking game, which is actually a big distraction instead of a huge surprise, I think. And I also do not like the feature very much that a Yum Yum named Rooty, who is the main charater and is very cute, always plays “hide-and-seek” while kids are picking the foods – hey, Rooty, I know you are very adorable and want my kids to interact with you, but would you please just stay still while my kids are trying to identify the foods which have the same colors?

So, I would treat this app as a fun game or entertainment app with nice learning elements, although I really LOVE the artwork, especially the introductory animation that will charm anyone of any age, and, everything else included in this app is wonderfully done as well. So in a word, Yummiloo Rainbow Power is a delightful game app for kids. Download or not, you decide for yourself.

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