App for Kids An educational app designed to help kids, teens and grown-ups learn about the Sun, with stunning visuals and fun activities.

App Name: Sun by KIDS DISCOVER
Category: General Education App for Kids
Price: $2.99 (actual price may vary)
Download Now: iPad

Our Review of Sun by KIDS DISCOVER

I really want to thank KIDS DISCOVER Magazine for publishing the KIDS DISCOVER series of educational apps. Every KIDS DISCOVER app is well designed with high quality elements such as 3D models, HD graphics and videos. With the apps, not only will children learn something new and useful, but also grown-ups could expand their horizons.

You’ll find almost everything about the Sun in this app, from how the Sun was formed to how this huge burning ball affects your life. In addition to the informative content available, you can also have some fun with puzzles, cartoons, and other mini games included.

Yes, learning science couldn’t be more fun with the KIDS DISCOVER apps!

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