Animal Planet Hide & Seek Pets

App for Kids Animal Planet Hide & Seek Pets allows kids to interact with adorable pets on the iPad and iPhone, and teaches youngsters interesting facts about these furry animal friends!

App Name: Animal Planet Hide & Seek Pets
Category: Educational Game App for Kids
Price: $3.99 (actual price may vary)
Download Now: iPad+iPhone

Our Review of Animal Planet Hide & Seek Pets

Animal Planet Hide & Seek Pets, designed by app developer Cupcake Digital in partnership with Discovery, is a fun-filled educational app for kids aged 3 and up.

This is not a stupid tap-to-see game or simple hide-and-seek app you can find anywhere, but is a really fun educational app to help kids learn interesting facts about six lovely animals seen around them, with entertaining and educational activties and mini games.

Little ones especially the preschoolers who love animals will adore this app. Kids are guided by friendly voice over and highlighted words to “Guess who I am,” and, besides the voiced animal facts, there are more than 20 activities and games – each animal has four different games currently – for kids to explore, including coloring, counting, letter tracing, memory matching, spot the difference, sticker book, and more. Kids can also find a mini animal piano in the app as well.

Parents will also find some useful questions related to the animals in the app to start a conversation with the kids, helping these little ones memorize what they’ve just learned.

The graphics and music/sound effects are beautifully done! And, tapping a hamster to select an item related to each animal included to start the journey of animal discovery is also very cool.

Additionally, since this app is developed by Cupcake Digital, one of our favorite app developers, the design of the navigation bar and menu is very pretty and easy to use.

So overall, Animal Planet Hide & Seek Pets is a 3-E (engaging, entertaining and educational) app for kids! Highly recommended!

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