Oscar Goes to the Zoo

App for Kids Listen, read, and retell. A language development app designed for kids, with a helpful feature for parents and teachers.

App Name: Oscar Goes to the Zoo
Category: General Education App for Kids
Price: Free (actual price may vary)
Download Now: iPad+iPhone

Our Review of Oscar Goes to the Zoo

Oscar Goes to the Zoo is a great way to improve kids’ listening, thinking and language skills. This app allows kids to listen to or read a story with WordWinks, a unique feature that provides parents with comments or questions related to the story to ensure the kids’ comprehension while reading, and then encourages the little ones to retell and record the story.

The story available in the app tells the tale of Oscar the puppy spending his day at the zoo. Although the illustrations, well, honestly, are just ok, the adventure story is fun and readworthy for every kid: Oscar the puppy imaginarily transforms himself into different animals he sees at the zoo, but in the end he finds that it’s always best to be himself.

Overall, this education app is a great tool to help build language skills in young children while keeping them engaged and focused. And, parents and teachers will find the WordWinks feature very helpful.

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