Articulation Games

App for Kids A speech-therapy app developed by a certified speech and language pathologist to help special needs kids practice the pronunciation of phonemes and more.

App Name: Articulation Games
Category: General Education Apps for Kids
Price: $34.99/Free (actual price may vary)
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Articulation Games by Virtual Speech Center

User review: By Jcslp: This app provides a wider variety of games than the other articulation apps I’ve tried. There’s a memory game, an artic wheel and a sweet spinner (looks like a slot machine). The games are all fairly simple, but having more options besides memory is a big plus. I love that the games can be played at the word, phrase and sentence level. I appreciate that in the memory game when each target is selected, a pop up box appears with the target which must be closed before proceeding. Many of my students rush through my other articulation memory game apps without saying the words until I stop the game and prompt them. I wish you could turn off the noises for correct and incorrect productions without turning off the game sound effects. Some of my students get upset when there’s a negative noise when their productions are not accurate. I would like to see homework pages added to this app. Also the ability to select words by number of syllables or at least edit and save word lists would be great.

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