Geography by KIDS DISCOVER

App for Kids An interactive geographic learning app for kids and students. The newest release in the popular KIDS DISCOVER series of educational apps.

App Name: Geography by KIDS DISCOVER
Category: General Education Apps for Kids
Price: $3.99 (actual price may vary)
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Geography by KIDS DISCOVER

Great news for kids who are interested in geography, Kids Discover Magazine has just released a new education app called ‘Geography by KIDS DISCOVER.’ If you have one or more KIDS DISCOVER apps installed on your iPad, you should have known that their apps are filled with kid appropriate, informative content and are easy to navigate. And this time your little learners will have an interactive trip “through the hills, valleys, mountains, and rivers that make up the Earth’s diverse landscapes.” In this app, kids will find:
– The definition of geography
– Knowledge  of latitude, longitude, and time zones
– Different types of maps
– Immigration throughout history
– Environmental adaptation and The role of rivers
– The secrets of our ever-changing Earth
– and more

Below are some user reviews:

User reviews:

By Brooklynmom78: Really amazing app! This is a truly beautiful app packed with great information and fun interactivity. Has some very unique features, including 360-degree views of the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.

By Pvr85: Geography made understandable and entertaining! A look at our beautiful earth, a 360 tour of the Grand Canyon, filled with interesting facts and a great lesson that makes longitude and latitude clear ( I must have learned this in school but now I get it!) Plus an explanation of different types of maps. This is a real eye opener. All students will really benefit from this app.

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