Eggy Add to 20

App for Kids A 6-in-1 math game app to help kids build basic addition (addition to 20 ) skills.

App Name: Eggy Add to 20
Category: Educational Game Apps for Kids
Price: $2.99 (actual price may vary)
Download Now: iPad+iPhone

Eggy Add to 20 by Blake eLearning

Eggy Add to 20 currently provides six fun games for kids to practice their addition skills, including balloons popping, balls matching, snowboarding, sheep counting, fishing, and a memory game. Each game has two difficulty levels and will reward kids with lovely characters for correct answers. Parents living in different English-speaking countrie/areas will also find the language switching feature helpful as it allows users to choose from three accents: Australian English, British English, and American. To be honest, I didn’t find anything innovative within the app, but I think the games are good for kids to practice their addition skills.

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