Africa – Animal Adventures for Kids

App for Kids A well-designed interactive picture book app for kids to learn about the African animals.

App Name: Africa – Animal Adventures for Kids
Category: Story/Book Apps for Kids
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Africa – Animal Adventures for Kids by Fox & Sheep

The Africa – Animal Adventures for Kids app is a wonderful app for the kids who love wild animals. Kids will find over 40 African animals along the “Riverbank,” across the “Savanna,” and around the “Baobab” tree. Each animal will show kids what sounds they’ll make and the ways they behave when tapped. For example, your kids can see how a giraffe spreads its front legs apart wide and bends down to drink from a lake. This educational app also offers a section to help kids learn fun facts about the animals included, with the voice over options. The graphics are amazingly beautiful and the animations look great! Also, I especially love the realistic sounds the animals make. So in short, I recommend this educational book app!

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