Blades – The Grassland Biome

App for Kids “Blades is a state of the art, upper elementary textbook based on the grasslands biome” for emerging young readers.

App Name: Blades – The Grassland Biome
Category: General Education Apps for Kids
Price: $39.99 (actual price may vary)
Download Now: iPad

Blades – The Grassland Biome by Mobile Education Store LLC

Designed with educational professionals, the Blades – The Grassland Biome app is a teaching+learning tool that helps students and special needs kids get “science and social studies core curriculum concepts” and improve their reading skills, with “both interactive enhancements and universal design accessibility features.” With this feature-rich educational app, which “covers a variety of topics,” kids and people who’d like to unravel the mysteries of nature “will learn about all major grassland ecosystems.”

Blades – The Grassland Biome is second release of the Crack the Books series of interactive textbooks. The first book of the series is entitled Pines to Vines – The Forest Biome

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