Rabbit’s House: Oxford Phonics World eReaders, Level 1

App for Kids Published by Oxford University Press, it’s a lively storybook-esque phonics app to help young kids who are just beginning to learn to read.

App Name: Rabbit’s House: Oxford Phonics World eReaders, Level 1 (for iPad)
Category: General Education Apps for Kids
Price: $6.99 (actual price may vary)
Download Now: iPad

Rabbit’s House: Oxford Phonics World eReaders, Level 1 by Oxford University Press ELT

Written by Kathryn O’neill, Rabbit’s House is a story-like language development app especially designed for young kids. The sentences included in the app are short and easy to read, such as “It is my house,” “I don’t have an umbrella,” “The rabbit has money,” “I want socks,” “It is small,” “I like this house,” and so on. Your little ones can let the app read the “story” to them, or just read the “story” by themselves. The word highlighting feature is available, and when an individual word is tapped, it is read out loud by the narrator. Also, some entertaining elements like item-words are included as well. E.g. kids will see an animated rabbit appearing above the word “rabbit.” The illustrations, by Tomislav Zlatic, are adorably colorful and the aniaml characters, such as octopus salesman snd Rabbit’s friends Turtle and Mouse, look very cute too. Moreover, there’s an audible QUIZ section in the app to help your kids practice letter sounds/phonics words included in the story. In short, It’s a very lovely app for young kids learning to read as well as ESL students, and the whole design of the app is great. But the drawback is that it’s overpriced, I think, (although it’s an Oxford University product.)

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