Dora Appisode: Perrito’s Big Surprise by Nick Jr.

App for Kids A full length interactive appisode with Dora and her lovable friends!

App Name: Dora Appisode: Perrito’s Big Surprise
Category: Entertainment Apps for Kids
Price: $4.99/2.99 (actual price may vary)
Download Now: iPad | iPhone

Dora Appisode: Perrito’s Big Surprise by Nickelodeon / Nick Jr.

Fantastico! Dora just got her new appisode! Based the Perrito’s Big Surprise episode, this appisode turns the stare-at-the-TV-screen-only activity into a fantastically immersive and engaging experience for kids especially the Dora fans to have fun with Dora and her adorable friends! Your kids’ mission in this appisode is to lead Dora, Boots and Perrito through their adventure to give Perrito a big surprise and along the way kids can touch, tap, and even tilt the iPad or iPhone to explore fun interactions – such as help choose which way to go, pet and feed Perrito the dog, flap Yoyo’s wings, and more – and earn cool rewards as well.

I did hear my kids’ giggles when watching them playing with this app and I would highly recommend this app if I didn’t see this on its app page: the app “collects personal user data as well as non-personal user data (including aggregated user data).” For more details, please click the link below.

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