Little House Decorator

App for Kids An easy-to-use sticker-book app for kids to decorate a house on the iPad. It’s fun.

Our Rating: 3.5/5 stars

App Detail
App Name: Little House Decorator
Category: Educational Game App for Kids
Age: 3 – 8
Download Now: iPad $1.99

About Little House Decorator

There are 4 different houses for kids to choose from, and then use 80+ itens like furniture, people, toys, pets, etc to beautify the rooms of the house.

Why Little House Decorator is Likable

This sticker-book app is not bad. Kids may feel like they’re decorating their own rooms and houses while playing, and I like the details included in this app: when a house is selected, a van pulls up in front of the house, unloading the boxes, and then the activity begins. And the cars on the road are also movable. So in a word, Little House Decorator is a nice creactive app to keep kids busy for hours.