Toca Cars

App for Kids Toca Boca’s latest game app for kids and car racing lovers. It’s an app “where you stop following roads, and start doing whatever feels right for you!”

App Name: Toca Cars
Category: Fun Game Apps for Kids
Price: $2.99 (actual price may vary)
Download Now: iPad+iPhone

Toca Cars by Toca Boca AB

User reviews:

By Nuggets F: My family loves this game! The pre-set track is super fun, I love the cardboard sounds and there a lots of cute, hidden features like the little bird and robot. My kids are huge fans already (but I keep playing too!).

By Yoda284: Toca Boca gets it! This company makes toys that are fun, creative, and awesome! I cannot wait to let my little guy have a go with this game!!! Toca Boca makes games with the children AND parents in mind! There are no in-app purchases or bothersome full screen ads. There are no tricky menus to get your child stuck. Just fun for your little one!! Seriously, I cannot say enough about this companies care and thought that go into making fun games for kids!!! Buy this game, buy every game they make!!!!

By Miss catfairy: I think this is a good game but it could be much better. When you make a world you can’t save it, and you can only put one of one thing down, not very generously limited AND It’s quite hard to drive. I also think it’s a bit violent because the ‘dog’ and the ‘smashing thingie’ will come over and hit up you and tip you over: and what seems to be the main point of the game it to smash into everything and brake it. I think it is actually hard to drive around normally. And I don’t exactly see the relation to cars, even though your driving one. You can’t race or anything. The positive side is that it’s a fun, well thought out game that is entertaining for a LITTLE while. Toca boca, I did expect more but it’s ok.

By LittleGagaMama: Awesome fun! Super fun. Love the details! just please note that initially we had trouble with this app, but only on our iPad 2. The problem was that in build mode the screen went almost entirely black. This problem does not exist on the two newer iPads. We were able to solve this problem by closing the app, shutting it down from operating in the background, deleting the app, hard rebooting and then reinstalling. Keep up the good work!

By Lindsay loves rats: Pure genius! That’s all I can say really. Super cute world made of cardboard and a car to drive around in and occasionally collide with a building or tree. You can reset all the buildings if your driving ability is a little chaotic AND you can layout your own tracks. What more can a girl ask for? I only hope it doesn’t affect my real life driving ability :-)

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